General Conditions of Sale

The following general conditions regulate and govern over e-commerce (sales conducted electronically over the internet) of products and, where applicable, of services offered for sale on the platform ("General Conditions of Sale") belonging to Beautybit Srl, tax code and VAT number 11015560011, with head offices in Turin, Corso Cairoli no. 25, registered with the Companies Register of Turin under number TO / 1181011.
The Customer is requested to carefully read these General Conditions of Sale before proceeding with Product Purchase; by making any Order, the Customer accepts these General Conditions of Sale in full.

1. Definitions

"Customer": this shall be understood to exclusively mean the physical or legal person that makes a purchase order via the website allureshop.
"Order Confirmation": this shall be understood to mean the document issued by the Vendor subsequent to acceptance of the Order.
"Agreement": this shall be understood to mean each agreement concluded between the Vendor and the Customer and having as its object the purchase by the Customer of one or more Products or services.
"Vendor": this shall be understood to mean the company Beautybit S.r.l. tax code and VAT number 11015560011, with head offices in Turin, Corso Cairoli no. 16, registered with the Companies Register of Turin under number TO / 1181011
"Order": this shall be understood to mean every proposal regarding the purchase of one or more Products that is made by the Vendor on the Website.
"Product or Products": these shall be understood to mean the products and services offered for sale on the website to Customers.
"Website": this shall be understood to mean all of the web pages that can be consulted by typing the address into the browser.

2. Customer Registration

In order to proceed with Product purchase, the Customer must perform pre-registration procedures on the Website by notifying the Vendor, in compliance with current regulations regarding the protection of personal information, of all of the data and information (including, but not limited to, first and last name or company name, shipping address and address for communications) necessary to allow the Vendor to properly, and in a timely manner, carry out Orders that have been submitted and accepted.
The Customer shall assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information entered at the time of registration, and under no circumstances shall the Vendor be held responsible for mistakes or delays resulting from inexact or incomplete information provided. The Customer may at any moment correct, supplement, or change his or her own information.
The Vendor, with respect to current regulations regarding the protection of personal information, reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information entered by the Customer, either by its own staff or by making use of external consultants. Should inconsistencies be found in the information reported at the time of registration, the Vendor shall promptly report it to the Customer, who must provide the appropriate additions and/or corrections. No new Orders can be sent, nor can Orders already sent be processed until the Customer has taken steps to make the corrections and additions required by the Vendor.

3. Concluding the Agreement

Presenting the Products on the Website allows the Customer of the Website to make a purchase offer to the Vendor. In no event shall the purchase offers made by the Customer be binding for the Vendor, much less shall presenting Products constitute an offer to the public from Article 1336 c.c. [Italian Civil Code], subject to the complete discretion of the Vendor regarding the right to accept or not accept the offers made by the Customers.
Once the registration process has been completed, the Customer may select one or more Products he intends to purchase and adds it to his virtual shopping cart, which he will be able to view and whose contents he will be able to modify until finally submitting an actual Order.
By clicking on the “confirm my order” button, the Customer sends the Purchase Order of the products he has selected to the Vendor; each Order represents contractual offer by the Customer. By sending the Order, the Customer must declare to have read and to adhere to the General Conditions of Sale by checking the appropriate box on the Website. In the event of failure to adhere to said conditions, orders will not be filled or let alone processed by the Vendor.
Upon receipt of the Order, the Vendor will send an email of acknowledgment of said Order which under no circumstances constitutes acceptance of the purchase offer, but simply confirms that the order has been read, that it has been subjected to a process of verification of the information entered at the time of registration and of availability of the requested Products.
The Agreement with the Vendor shall be concluded the moment the Vendor has sent the Customer an email notification of Order Confirmation containing the formal acceptance of the Order, its sales reference number and basic information about Product shipping; sending the Order Confirmation concludes the sale and purchase that is governed by special conditions set out in the Order Confirmation and in the General Conditions of Sale.
The Vendor reserves the right to reject, at its sole discretion, the Orders received, including those that present particular processing difficulties, incomplete information and/or inconsistent or in any case unable to be processed for any other reason non specified here. In these cases, possible payment of the price already established shall be repaid in full without any expenses or costs and without the Customer being able to raise claims of any kind against the Vendor.
Once sent, the Order cannot be changed. In the event that Customer deems it necessary to make changes of any kind to the Order that has been sent, it is necessary for the Customer to contact customer care services via email so that all necessary changes can be agreed on.

4. Prices and Shipping Costs

All Product prices mentioned in various sections of the Website are expressed in Euros, include VAT to the extent applicable under the law and do not include possible applicable taxes, duties and/or charges in the countries of destination of Product shipment, where these are different from those in Italy, which shall be charged to the Customer.
The Vendor reserves the right to change the prices of the Products listed on the Website.
Any price changes occurring between the moment the Order has been sent and the Order Confirmation shall have no effect on Customers that have already submitted an Order.
Subject to any particular promotions indicated on the Website, in addition to the price of the Products, the Customer shall be required to bear shipping and handling costs in the amount indicated on the Website at the time the Order is submitted.

5. Payment, Retention of Ownership and Billing

Unless the Customer chooses the option “payment by bank transfer”, the Customer shall pay the price of the Products at the time the Order is sent; should the Order be rejected by the Vendor, the Vendor shall provide a full refund of the price paid within 30 calendar days.

As part of the purchasing process, the Customer will be required to specify the method of payment he or she intends to use among those made available by the Vendor, allowing the Customer to select from: i. payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) through secure payment with PayPal;
ii. payment by bank transfer, to be made no later than 3 calendar days from the date of submitting the purchase Order, using the bank information indicated by the Vendor. The Customer must indicate on the bank transfer, as payment reference, the order number supplied by the Vendor during the purchasing process.
Where payment for the Products does not occur at the time the Order is sent, ownership of the Products is acquired by the Customer the moment in which the Customer makes the payment.
The Vendor shall issue a bill on the Customer’s request only, in electronic format in accordance with the relevant legal regulations in force. The Vendor shall send the bill to the email address indicated by the Customer, and the bill shall in any event be available in pdf format for viewing and printing in an area reserved for the Customer.

6. Delivery

The large number of the Products on the Website cannot guarantee the Customer full and immediate availability of all of the Products in stock at the Vendor’s warehouse. The Vendor has exclusive use of its carriers selected for Product delivery.
If the Website indicates that the Product is available for immediate delivery at the time the Order is sent, then the Vendor will ship the Product as soon as possible or, if payment is made by bank transfer, within 5 days of receiving payment.
If the Product is not immediately available for delivery at the time the Order is placed, the Vendor shall inform the Customer of the timeframe within which the delivery is likely to be made, it being understood that the timeframe indicated is merely an estimate and that any delay that occurs does not entitle the Customer to make any claims. Under no circumstances will Product deliveries be made on a Monday.
The Vendor undertakes to do everything in its power to meet the delivery times indicated to the Customer, it being understood that the delivery times indicated are merely estimates and are not binding for the Vendor, and that any delays, especially regarding the delivery of Products indicated as not being in stock, shall be accepted by the Customer for up to 30 calendar days.
The Vendor shall not be liable for non-delivery or delayed deliveries in the event that: (i) despite having provided payment for normal and timely acquisition of the Products to cover the Order received, the order was not made according to the terms and conditions agreed on; (ii) it was not in a position to compensate for the lack of availability of the Products due to circumstances beyond its control and, in any event, to which it is not attributable; (iii) it had promptly notified the Customer of the Products’ unavailability.
The Vendor shall not be liable for non-delivery or delayed delivery owing to force majeure, including but not limited to strikes, provisions issued by the public authorities, rationing or shortages of energy or raw materials, transport difficulties, fire, flooding and damages not caused by the Vendor. The Vendor shall promptly notify the Client whether a situation of force majeure has or has not occurred. Should the situation of force majeure last for a period exceeding 30 (thirty) days, each party shall have the right to terminate the agreement. In this case, the Customer shall not have a right to any indemnities or compensation of any kind, notwithstanding the right to a refund of an amount already paid by way of the price for the Products in the Order, within 30 days of the date of receiving notice of cancellation.

7. Procedures for receiving delivery of merchandise

When delivery is made by the carrier, the Customer must verify:

i. that the number of packages given on the waybill corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered;

ii. that the labels on the packages include the proper identification of the Customer and the proper delivery address;

iii. that the packages do not have visible signs of damage and/or tampering, including but not limited to signs of crushing,

tearing or tampering with the outer wrapping and/or packaging.
In the event that the Customer finds that the packaging shows dents, tears or irregularities of any kind, under penalty of forfeiture, the Customer must refuse the delivery and to immediately notify the Vendor of this, specifying the nature of the irregularities found, with the understanding that should the Customer fail to do so, disputes made at a later time shall have no validity.
The Customer is required to verify that the delivered Products comply with the Order placed in terms of their quantity, quality and condition as well as to verify proper functioning of the Products within 8 calendar days of receiving the delivery, under penalty of forfeiture of any dispute; if this date passes without the Customer having reported any irregularities, the delivered Products shall be considered to be in compliance with the Order Confirmation and accepted in all respects.
If, during verification upon delivery, the delivered Products are found to show qualitative or quantitative irregularities or malfunction and provided that the relevant objection is made within the 8-day time limit from the date the Products are received, the Customer shall have the right to product return and replacement as set out in the article below.

8. Product Return and Replacement

The Customer is required to evaluate the features of the Products in advance, whose data sheets are available on the Website, and is responsible for making sure these Products meet their needs. In no event shall trial Products be provided or delivered.
The Vendor shall undertake to request Product replacement from the relevant manufacturers in the event of the following critical circumstances and provided that the Customer complies with the procedures described in the aforementioned Article 7:
i. delivery of Products that are damaged due to shipping, if conditions are met;
ii. delivery of Products different from or otherwise not in accordance with the Order;
iii. products that do not work or exhibit flaws, defects and nonconformity that are promptly reported.
Where there is the occurrence of one of the situations referred to in this article and the objection has been made in a timely manner, without however acknowledging the existence of the flaw, defect or nonconformity objected to, the Vendor shall send the Customer special notification formally authorizing the Customer to return the Products and notifying the Customer of the date and time that the carrier assigned by the Vendor is to collect the Products being returned. Should the Customer fail to hand over to the carrier the Products whose return the Vendor has authorized the return, the Customer shall be required to return the Products to the Vendor within the next 7 calendar days at its own expense by sending them to the following address: PVS SERVICES ITALIA SRL VIA DELL'ARTIGIANATO 2-A 43122 PARMA PR, under penalty of forfeiture of the right to raise objections.
Any noncompliance in the form of damages, flaws, defects or malfunction that the Vendor determines to be nonexistent or not attributable to the Vendor itself shall constitute withdrawal of the authorization for return. In this case, the Product reverts back to the Customer’s disposal, who shall undertake to collect it at his or her own expense.

9. Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Products displayed for sale on the Website are covered by the relevant commercial warranties issued by their respective manufacturers, with the exception of accessories and consumables, for which no warranties are issued by the Vendor.
In case of faults, defects and nonconformity of the Products, the Customer shall have the right to Product replacement from the manufacturer, which will issue a warranty directly or to the benefit of the end-buyer, and the Vendor shall not be held liable even for indirect or consequential damages, profit loss, loss of business and opportunities that the Customer should suffer.
In no event shall the Vendor be liable for damages and/or malfunctions owing to improper use of the Products, tampering, neglect, or lack of or insufficient maintenance, as well as damage caused during transport.

10. Protection of the Customer’s Personal Information

The Vendor reserves the right to store the information from each Order as well as the contact details of the Customer for the sole purpose of using them in order to properly process the Order (including providing this data to business partners involved in handling payment, processing the Order and/or delivery of the item), for any claims related to the item’s warranty and/or recommendations or instructions for the Customer with regard to the Product. The storing and handling of this information shall be conducted in accordance with what is contained in the disclosure regarding the protection and use of personal information by the Vendor.

11. Access to the Website and Suspension of Service

The Customer must obtain the necessary equipment and/or software for connecting to the Internet. Any incompatibilities with the website and/or inability to gain access, in whole or in part, to the pages of interest can in no event give rise to charge or liability attributable to the Vendor.
The Vendor reserves the right to suspend, in whole or in part, the visibility of the Website and/or its functions. Said suspension may be applied by the Vendor at its sole discretion, for reasons of security and/or maintenance or for any other reason deemed necessary for the protection of its own interests and/or those of its Customers. In such an event, no charge or liability can be attributable to the Vendor.

12. Replacement Clause

Should any present or future provision of the General Conditions of Sale become in fully or partially void, invalid and/or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the General Conditions of Sale and of the Agreement shall nonetheless remain valid and in force. It is understood that the Vendor and the Customer undertake to negotiate, in good faith, the replacement of clauses that are void, invalid and/or unenforceable with an aim to safeguarding the economic substance of the Agreement and the interests of the contracting parties.

13. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are governed and shall be interpreted according to Italian law. For any disputes that may arise between the Parties concerning the validity, interpretation, execution and termination of the Agreement, the Parties shall henceforth agree that the competent place of jurisdiction shall be that of Turin, to the exclusion of any other alternative or competing place of jurisdiction.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 c.c. and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Customer declares to have carefully read and expressly accepts the content of the following clauses:

2. registration;

3. concluding the agreement;

5. payment, retention of ownership and billing;

6. delivery;

7. procedures for receiving delivered merchandise;

8. product return and replacement;

9. warranties;

11. suspension of service;

13. applicable law and jurisdiction.


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