About us

E-Shop is an eCommerce website that offers exclusively professional hair products. These include new or bestselling products, equipment from all the best professional brands, and an education section where you can find countless training courses, all together in the same website. And all with the Edizioni Esav quality guarantee .

A publishing history

Edizioni Esav is an Italian publishing house, specializing in trade magazines for the beauty world. Its flagship publication is the hairdressing magazine Estetica, founded in 1946 by Mino Pissimiglia. Present in 26 different editions, Estetica is distributed in over 60 countries (including Japan, the USA , France, Germany and Russia, to name but a few) with a circulation of more than 337,000 copies. Edizioni Esav also produces Zefiro (again for hairdressers) and Allure, a beauty trade magazine dedicated to perfumery.

Web: past, present and future

Since its foundation, Edizioni Esav has never failed to strive for growth and transformation. In this spirit, it launched its first professional portal Estetica.it in 1996. Since the first decade of the new millennium, the online platform has offered 8 professional websites (in Italy and worldwide) focusing mainly on hairdressing, 2 consumer websites, apps for iOs and Android, blogs and social media activity. This intense online growth led to the launch in November 2013 of Beautybit srl, a digital spin-off of Edizioni Esav that also fostered the birth of an ecommerce system designed to satisfy hairdressers’ requirements.

The benefits of E-Shop

The creation of the eCommerce store has been supported by sixty years of experience in the hairdressing industry and a huge passion for web innovation. And this is why it is dedicated only to professional products, constantly updated, as well as numerous online education proposals (video techniques, courses, etc). Products can be searched by type or by brand. The benefits of E-Shop include simple user-friendly navigation, suitable also for smartphones thanks to full-responsive design, the client assistance service offered also via live chat, direct relations with the company (without intermediaries) which ensure competitive prices, and fast delivery times.

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