It’s possible to purchase from E-shop using a credit card, prepaid debit card or by bank transfer.


Paypal is one of the safest ways to purchase goods online, using a credit card/prepaid debit card or via a Paypal account (which can be topped up through a bank transfer from your bank account or by credit card/prepaid debit card). There are no additional fees for the client. Personal details on the credit card/prepaid debit card are not transmitted to/viewed by Beautybit S.r.l.: all payment and personal data is restricted to Paypal.

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Bank Transfer

In E-shop it is possible to pay by bank transfer to

Beautybit S.r.l.

using the following bank details:

IBAN: IT05V0326801011052387965900


In the Reason for Payment section of the bank transfer, the order number issued at the moment of purchase should be listed.


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